Lotta is a singer and a folk musician from Helsinki, Finland. After studying ethnomusicology at the University of Helsinki she has been since year 2005 studying and discovering the world of folk singing, composing, improvising and percussion playing at the Sibelius Academy Folk Music Department. Recently she did part of her Master studies in an international program called Nordic Master in Folk Music which took place in Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

Besides Finnish traditional and contemporary folk music her musical field of interest covers folk singing in it’s many forms around the world, as well as vocal improvisation.

For Lotta open mindness and freedom are the most valuable things in all music. She loves to make discoveries and mix art forms and she has been working as a performer in many theatre and dance productions as well. Having a background of singing in vocal ensembles, she has been making many compositions and arrangements for vocal groups.

Lotta has been performing with different ensembles and projects in many countries, from China to Africa. She has also given workshops in Finnish folk singing in many countries. Currently she sings and plays in groups Blink, Soundpainting Ensemble Play!, IKE-Ensemble, Philomela, Venho and the Finnish-German project Nordic Appeal. She also works time to time as a radio announcer at the Finnish National Broadcasting Company (YLE).